Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cupcake Central - An online cupcake order business in Melbourne, Australia is born.

Sheryl proudly presents to you all...

On Friday 25th September 2009, Cupcake Central was born.

I arrived (fashionably?) late at 8.31pm when the party started at 8.30pm, thinking that no one would be there yet - but as soon as I arrived 10 people followed me into the function area. That will teach me to think that Mac false eyelashes are a breeze to put on - I don't know how Michelle Phan does it, guess she practices a lot.

So off I went to quickly set up the cupcakes with the help of a few fab friends that arrived early.

Cupcakes on the tower and cupcakes all lined up on the tables. I baked over 170 cupcakes which is a lot of baking for one person. I got to sleep at almost 4am the night before and had to finish off frosting & decorations on Friday morning. I had to elicit the help of mum so we could finish in time.

My dear friend Sam, who is apparently just an amateur at taking photos, took all these amazing cupcake photo shots. He has helped me out with so many photos on my website which I'm truly thankful for! He has a real talent, taking great photos is not as easy as clicking a button.

It was such a fantastic night. Yes I did get a little flustered trying to get everything organised and making sure everyone was enjoying myself. I also got to meet all these fantastic people that either found my invite on Facebook, were brought along by friends or were blog readers! It was an amazing feeling to get so much support from so many people. I think over 80 people turned up as the function room was extremely full and there were people outside at the bar as well. It was a great turn out, much more than I hoped for and I'm so grateful!

I did a short & sweet speech, there was no microphone set up so I had to speak up. When I revealed my website on the projector screen, everyone cheered! What a memorable moment.

I do wish I had more time to speak to everyone there, I did get to go around and give my business cards out and say HI though.

Myself with my new business cards! I wore a bright turquoise Zimmermann silk strapless dress on the night with super killer high Wayne Cooper heels on the night - it was my night to stand out a little.

All in all, the launch party was a success. I hope everyone enjoyed eating the cupcakes - they all disappeared by around 10ish and I received great feedback from people. Thank you so much for everyone's support, it means a lot to me. It still seems a bit surreal to me at times that I'm getting all these orders and building a network for my business. It's been so busy with learning all these new things and baking at the same time.





  1. Congrats, wish I could have been there to have a sample! I will be in Melb this weekend though for some shopping :)

  2. Great launch!! If only I had found out the day before the launch rather than the day after! Doh!

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