Monday, July 4, 2011

Murphy's Law, you win buddy

Just a short post today because I want to share my experience of 'life running a business' with you all. I can honestly say I haven't felt stress such as this before, not even when we opened our very first store in Hawthorn. I feel sick in the stomach from worry and want to cry but my head hurts too much to handle it.

Our new brand rollout. Our website will also be updated soon!

The uncertainty is what kills me most, then secondly it's disappointing our customers. I'm just in the state of mind now that this store feels like a dream, is it really happening? Maybe it's like Inception, a dream of a cupcake store within a cupcake store. Yes, wtf I'm delirious. Let me explain.

The uncertainty of not having a date set in stone can make a person go crazy because how can you plan anything if you haven't got a date to work with? We did have a date of Wednesday 6th July which had considerable amount of leeway, mind you. And then Murphy's Law came along and f'd it all up. I'm not going to go into details but lets just say that the floors better be worth it.

Then, it's the customers. Our most supportive, amazing customers. We have been getting calls almost everyday asking whether our new store in Melbourne Central has opened yet. These calls make me smile because I feel so lucky that word has already spread, but that twinge of guilt. Why isn't this store open yet?! I'm so scared that people turn up on Wednesday and be terribly disappointed. 

So I want to apologise in advance to anyone that is met by disappointment on Wednesday. If you mention that you came to visit on Wednesday and we weren't open, I will ensure you get something special.

Thank you for your support. We have been working really hard, along with our amazing builders to get this store up and running. I mean it always sounds so simple just to get a store open, but there are thousands of aspects that need attention and some things we wouldn't have been able to learn without experiencing it. Long story short, have a plan A and a plan B, then make sure you have a plan C. I'll have a happy post up soon, promise. x Sheryl


  1. Don't be sorry Sheryl! We know everything will happen in time! We'll definitely be waiting and cheering you on!

  2. It'll be worth it. You'll look back at the week and giggle.

    Chin up.

  3. Your amazing just like your cupcake store all the best! Jen M

  4. These things happen, don't let it get you down! I'm sure when your store opens, it will be amazing & so worth the wait! I'm sure in a few months time when your store is a raging success, the stress and tears now will be a distance memory! :)

    Can't wait to visit the new store, good luck with it all.

  5. Thank you for all your words of encouragement. Better late than never! It's still going to happen and when it does it's going to be one of the best days I'll ever have. Hope to see you all soon at MC! Xx

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  7. Just wondering who you used for your initial logo and branding ( when you were working to a tighter budget:) ? If you could let me know at phoebe_ turner@ that would be amazing, I'm looking at setting up my own food business, and trying not to get discouraged by all the loopholes, but your story is amazing and really inspriring! Well done you!

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