Thursday, June 23, 2011

Innovators innovate, Imitators imitate

It is mostly true that “nothing is original” and that every idea is some reincarnation of a previous idea . Just look at all those variations for different abdominal machines on late night infomercials.
Most of the products out there are hardly anything brand new or never seen before ideas. The successful ones are more ‘new & improved’ versions of someone else’s idea. Apple for instance didn’t invent portable music players, Sony came out with the Walkman before them, they just made it damn cooler. They were innovative in the way they paved the way with their branding, their vision, their following.
Customised Boombox Tour Cupcakes!
When you see innovators, you instantly know who they are because they captivate you. Their idea may not be original but you can see, feel, smell that what they are doing is fresh, unusual and contagious. Innovators, in my opinion, are those that are truly passionate about what they do. They don’t do it for money, they don’t do it for fame, they don’t do it for the wrong reasons. They do it because it’s their calling in life, their purpose that needs to be fulfilled. That's why when you see those feel good viral clips on YouTube where they're expressing their passion in an innovative way, they instantly become YouTube sensations.

A month ago we had the awesome opportunity to create some custom cupcakes for the Boombox tour with these amazing talented YouTube stars performing on tour. Many may not know the names Kev Jumba, Niga Higa, Andrew Garcia, Jayesslee but if you're a YouTube addict like me, you will know these names and may even be a huge fan of theirs. Their talent whether it be singing or making you laugh, they are the ones that are following their passion and are innovating new contagious videos to make us feel inspired.

Janice & Sonia have the most amazing voices!

Kev is just hilarious (in person as well).. I was hooked on his hilarious vids whe he just started out and now he's a serious superstar! It actually felt quite surreal to meet him in person.

The innovators are the ones that have others wanting to be like them, imitating them, stalking them. Innovators don’t care. They believe in what they do and look forward to bringing another fresh idea into play, breathing a breath of fresh air into our lives.

Cupcake Central Workshop Store Happenings...

The date for our grand opening launch has been moving around due to our tight schedule for the build. We are hopefully going to get a concrete date to release tomorrow. Our amazing builders are working day and night to get this Workshop open and here are a few details going into our Melbourne Central store...
Straight from England!
Sneak peek of some especially sourced refurbished vintage lights going into our Workshop store.
Just beautiful vintage pendant lights.
How awesome does our new logo look on a stamped coffee cup? It's love.


  1. Wow that is so cool!!! You got to chill with all the Youtube stars <3

  2. I know! We were so lucky, we got to hang backstage and they were all so funny.. esp Ryan & Kev. Got kinda star struck when I met them and my bf were like...who are all these people, I've never seen them before -_- embarrassing.

  3. I love your new logo Sheryl! Cupcake Central is taking over the world, one cupcake at a time!

    Can't wait for the grand opening!

    Love & Support,


  4. Love those cupcakes, how amazingly cute are those little faces! Congrats on nearly getting there with the workshop, not long now! x